Oven-baked Yam Fries

September 23, 2011

When a dish is easy to put together and the whole family loves it, there is really no reason not to make it…often.  That is how these yam fries became a staple in our diet.  They just seemed to be the perfect thing to accompany so many of our summer dishes.  The kids love them, because well, they contain the word “fries.” Of course, in reality they are baked and contain very little oil.  The roasting process makes them nice and crispy though and they are excellent dipped in ketchup or herb-blended oil, or my personal favorite, Chipotle Mayonaise.

Oven-baked Yam Fries are crunchy, slightly sweet, and salty, but have all the credentials of a very healthy side dish. If your experience with yams is limited to sweetened dishes (perhaps with marshmallows atop?), you should definitely try these. They are nothing like the signature Thanksgiving dish.  Slice the yams into wedges, toss in oil and salt, and bake until crispy.  This dish could not be easier and is incredibly adaptable.     They go very well with grilled meats.  I serve them with Fresh Ground Bacon Burgers or Southwestern Chicken Burgers.  They are incredibly addictive.  Watch out, you might be making them week after week as well!
What dishes have you loved this summer?

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