Peppered Peach and Rosemary Jam

August 6, 2011

The peaches have been calling me this summer.  On my last trip to the farmers’ market, I gleefully strode away with a huge box mounded high with beautiful peaches and nectarines.  Fortunately, this coincided with an almost unprecedented two free days without the kiddos.  Oh, how productive this mama can be when the children are away!

There were enough peaches to make a few different types of products.  It was hard to resist making the Perfect Peach Cake (it really is soooo good), but I did.  Instead a made a batch of pie filling inspired by this recipe from Mrs. Wheelbarrow.  A few pounds went to making a puree for peach ice cream (still working out the kinks on that recipe).  With the bulk of the peaches I made one of my favorite pantry items, Peppered Peach and Rosemary Jam.

This jam is special.  Sweet white peaches, earthy rosemary, and just a hint of spice from the cracked pepper, the combination is delightful.  I serve it with cheese such as brie or chevre.  It is a definite crowd pleaser and an excellent hostess or holiday gift.

Peppered Peach and Rosemary Jam

adapted from Martha Stewart

makes 5 half-pints

3 pounds white peaches (you can use yellow, but I prefer the white varieties for this jam)

1/3 cup lemon juice

3 cups sugar

4 large sprigs rosemary

1/2 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper

Peel and pit the peaches. (Very ripe peaches are very easy to peel with a knife.  If your peaches do not peel easily, they are probably not ripe enough.  If you must make the jam without allowing them to ripen further, you can boil them for one minute, then plunge into cold water to loosen the skin.)

Slice the peaches into 1/2 inch slices.  Place peaches in a large bowl, add lemon juice, sugar, rosemary, and pepper.  Cover and let stand for 4 hours.  Stir every hour to incorporate the sugar.

Transfer peach mixture to a large pot. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat.  Cook for 15 minutes, until mixture is syrupy.  Lightly mash the mixture to break down peach slices, leave 1/3 of wedges intact.  Discard rosemary sprigs (you can fish out the individual rosemary leaves if you want, but I leave some in for color and interest.)

Ladle jam into hot sterile jars.  Leave a 1/2 inch head-space. Top with a new lid and band. Process in a hot water bath for 10 minutes for half-pint jars.  See Home Canning Basics for more information about the canning process.

Here is a printer-friendly version of the recipe:  Peppered Peach and Rosemary Jam

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16 Responses to “Peppered Peach and Rosemary Jam”

  1. Mary K. Drennan Says:

    I am enjoying your weekly blogs/recipes. I love the way you write and can’t imagine how you do so much with 2 adorable darlings to “help you”. Love to you all.

    Mary K.

  2. Hannah Says:

    My children are away for a week right now, and it’s amazing how many house and cooking projects I’m able to do! Jam is on the list and your recipe here sounds divine. I’m heading to the farmer’s market now for peaches. :)

  3. Meredith Says:

    This jam is classy,very classy. If I can get my hands on some white peaches next weekend I will definitely make this,I’m so glad I found your site.

  4. julia Says:

    I love it! What a great combo. I sometimes get caught in the peach rut that goes along with the velvety rich side of peaches, but this really captures the fresh and floral side of them. On the list!

  5. I made this but added a bit more pepper. Since I was grinding my own pepper it was a touch more. I also brought the mixture up to just a simmer than put it in a glass bowl and covered it with parchment paper and let it sit for about 16 hours in the refrigerator. I than followed the recipe. Well I cooked the peach mixture on low until it was warm than cooked it until it was jammy. The flavor is devine!!!

  6. I’m not sure if I did this right. The jam seems too liquidy in the jars. What should the consistency be?

    • Caithlin,

      This is a somewhat loose jam. The thickness comes from cooking the mixture until it is syrupy and from crushing some of the peaches. It should be chunky with a thick syrupy sauce. I hope this helps.


  7. Annie R. Says:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe, Karen. I made it today and cooked the peaches for about 45min…mostly because my jars weren’t ready! A glop fell onto the counter and firmed right up after it cooled. This was my first foray into pectin-less jam. It’s going to be my last-minute, going-to-a-party food next year with some crackers and soft cheese. Yum!

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  9. […] into the art of preserving, I managed to make a couple of batches of savory jam, specifically, Peppered Peach and Rosemary Jam and Rachel Saunders’ Early Girl Tomato Jam found in her beautiful Cookbook The Blue Jam […]

  10. kalamckala Says:

    This is definited on my to-do list; saved away in my favorites folder! Now I just have to wait for summer…dang!

  11. Natasha Says:

    I was just wondering, isn’t this more of a chutney rather than jam?
    Sounds fantastic anyway! :D

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