My baby turned 3 the other day.  My sweet little bundle has grown into a big girl who loves to climb trees, care for her babies, and dance.  I am in awe.  For her birthday, we spent the day at the beach, digging, running from waves, and flying kites.  Marvelous.  For dinner, she asked for spaghetti with meatballs. (Much to my chagrin, my son asked to have hot dogs on his upcoming birthday.  Don’t expect a post about that.)

I recently acquired a meat grinder and have been making loads of sausage, so I decided to grind the meat for the meatballs myself.  Though it adds an extra step, grinding the meat at home allows you to control the quality of the meat.  At our local market, they have a wide selection of meat cuts from sustainably-0riented ranches, but less of a selection for ground meat products.  Also, you cannot beat the freshness of the meat when you grind it yourself.   I used beef brisket and pork shoulder, though you can adjust the contents according to your likings.

Once the meat is ground, making meatballs is a snap.  I sautéed onion, garlic, and spices then stirred in bread crumbs and white wine. Then the bread and meat mixture combine with fresh herbs, parmesan cheese, and egg.  Whip up the mixture to allow the meat to bind, then form into balls.  I use a scoop to help size them, then roll them in my hands to create a smooth ball.

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