It is May and therefore time to get serious about grilling.  We are fortunate to live in Northern California where it is possible to grill year round, but we definitely shy off of it when the air turns cool and storms arrive. Now that the weather is warming, we are back to grilling many of our meals and eating them outside.  Whenever possible, I try to cook all the dishes of the meal on the grill.

Packet Grilled Potatoes are a staple for us in grilling season.  I hesitated to share the recipe because they are so simple, but truly that is exactly why you all need to know how to make these!  Regardless of what we are grilling up for dinner, some variation of these potatoes fits in perfectly.  Last night we grilled these potatoes along with wild salmon and  made a variation of this cucumber salad.  My husband sliced up the leftover potatoes and fried them part of my delicious Mother’s Day breakfast.  Yum.

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